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Report No. 048 - The Calibration and Use of Plane-Parallel Ionization Chambers for Dosimetry of Electron Beams (1994)

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This report is an extension of the 1983 AAPM protocol, popularly known as the TG-21 Protocol. It deals with the calibration of plane-parallel ionization chambers and their use in calibration therapy electron beams. A hierarchy of methods is presented.

Medical Physics, 21, 1251-1260 (1994)
ISBN: 978-1-563964-61-9

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Keywords: Plane-parallel Ionization Chambers, Calibration, Electron Beam, Ngas for PP Chambers, Reference Dosimetry
Radiation Therapy Committee Task Group #39

Peter R. Almond, Frank H. Attix, Leroy J. Humphries, Hideo Kubo, Ravinder Nath, Steve Goetsch, David W. O. Rogers

Committee Responsible: Radiation Dosimetry & Treatment Planning Subcommittee

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