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Report No. 081 - Dosimetric considerations for patients with HIP prostheses undergoing pelvic irradiation (2003)

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This document is the report of a task group of the Radiation Therapy Committee of the AAPM and has been prepared primarily to advise hospital physicists involved in external beam treatment of patients with pelvic malignancies who have high atomic number (Z) hip prostheses. The purpose of the report is to make the radiation oncology community aware of the problems arising from the presence of these devices in the radiation beam, to quantify the dose perturbations they cause, and, finally, to provide recommendations for treatment planning and delivery. Some of the data and recommendations are also applicable to patients having implanted high-Z prosthetic devices such as pins, humeral head replacements. The scientific understanding and methodology of clinical dosim- etry for these situations is still incomplete. This report is intended to reflect the current state of scientific understanding and technical methodology in clinical dosimetry for radiation oncology patients with high-Z hip prostheses.

Medical Physics, 30, 1162-1182 (2003)

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Keywords: Hip Prosthesis, Dose Perturbation, External Beam Radiation Therapy, Radiation Physics Considerations, Treatment Planning
Radiation Therapy Committee Task Group #63

Chester Reft, Rodica Alecu, Indra J. Das, Bruce J. Gerbi, Paul Keall, Eugene Lief, Ben J. Mijnheer, Nikos Papanikolaou, Claudio Sibata, Jake Van Dyk

Committee Responsible: Radiation Dosimetry & Treatment Planning Subcommittee

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