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Report No. 092 - Intraoperative radiation therapy using mobile electron linear accelerators (2006)

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Intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT) has been customarily performed either in a shielded operating suite located in the operating room (OR) or in a shielded treatment room located within the Department of Radiation Oncology. In both cases, this cancer treatment modality uses stationary linear accelerators. With the development of new technology, mobile linear accelerators have recently become available for IORT. Mobility offers flexibility in treatment location and is leading to a renewed interest in IORT. These mobile accelerator units, which can be transported any day of use to almost any location within a hospital setting, are assembled in a nondedicated environment and used to deliver IORT. Numerous aspects of the design of these new units differ from that of conventional linear accelerators. The scope of this Task Group (TG-72) will focus on items that particularly apply to mobile IORT electron systems. More specifically, the charges to this Task Group are to: i) identify the key differences between stationary and mobile electron linear accelerators used for IORT, ii) describe and recommend the implementation of an IORT program within the OR environment, iii) present and discuss radiation protection issues and consequences of working within a non-dedicated radiotherapy environment, iv) describe and recommend the acceptance and machine commissioning of items that are specific to mobile electron linear accelerators, and v) design and recommend an efficient quality assurance program for mobile systems.

Medical Physics, 33, 1476-1489 (2006)

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Radiation Therapy Committee Task Group #72

A. Sam Beddar, Peter J. Biggs, Sha Chang, Gary A. Ezzell, Bruce A. Faddegon, Frank W. Hensley, Michael D. Mills

Committee Responsible: Treatment Delivery Subcommittee

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