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Advancing the Science of Medical Physics

AAPM supports the scientific aspects of its Mission by promoting and disseminating basic, applied, translational and clinical research in the field of medical physics. These activities fall under the jurisdiction of the Science Council in coordination with the Education, Professional and Administrative Councils. They are implemented through committees consisting of volunteer AAPM members with the support of the AAPM staff.

AAPM collaborates with other organizations when appropriate to promote funding for research, and awards seed grants to encourage new research. It also partners with other organizations to address issues of scientific, technical and clinical importance such its work on the Standardization of CT Nomenclature and Protocols, which has received special recognition. It may also issue Position Statements and provide input to government agencies when appropriate.

Many Science Council committees have active Task Groups charged to produce Reports on selected scientific and technical topics. These reports may become the basis for clinical practice and are all open-access.

AAPM aims to stimulate and disseminate fundamental and translational research through the presentation of invited and proffered papers at the Annual Meeting and by partnering with the RSNA.

The Publications Program provides nationally and internationally recognized vehicles for the publication of peer-reviewed basic, applied, translational and clinical research as well as topical reviews and selected conference proceedings.

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