Thank you to our 2011 Annual Meeting Sponsors.

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Exhibitor Information


The American Association of Physicists in Medicine and the Canadian Organization of Medical Physics invite you to exhibit at the 2011 Joint AAPM/COMP Meeting in Vancouver, Canada.

Please frequently review this website for the most up to date information relating to Exhibitor activities and the Annual Meeting.

We hope you'll plan to attend and look forward to working with you.

Now Available

Items of Interest

What's New in 2011

  • Change in Exhibit Hours
  • Island Formations - Booth Height - 24 feet
  • Penalty Rules
  • Exhibit Space Payment Process
  • Use of Lighting Truss Systems
  • Request to Blackout Overhead Lights

Items to Note in Prospectus

  • Customs Information
  • Target Move-Out Schedule
    • AAPM must vacate Exhibit Hall C the evening of Wednesday, August 3.
    • Please note: At the close of the show on Wednesday August 3, 2011 at 2:00pm, exhibitors located in the 100 thru 200 aisles must vacate the exhibit hall no later than 9:00pm Wednesday, August 3, 2011. Additional information will be available in the exhibitor service manual. Please pay attention aisles 100 and 200 when requesting booth space.
    • All other booths have until 8:00 pm August 4 to be torn down.

Important Dates to Remember

February 24
  • Exhibit Space Application due to AAPM/COMP for first consideration in space assignment. 
  • Exhibitors will be sent invoice for booth space payment as Exhibitor Space Applications are received
By March 9 Booth payment must be received for first consideration in space assignment
March 16 Booth Assignment Confirmation Notices - Exhibitors will be notified via email
March 30 Buyers Guide Entry Opens

April 13

Activation of Online Service Kit
April 27 Buyers Guide Information Entry closes
May 4 Last date to receive a Refund For Booth Space Cancellation (minus 10%)
May 11
  • Submission of Scale Drawing for Island Formations due
  • Submission of request for Hanging Sign for Island Formations
May 25 On-line Exhibitor Personnel Registration available
June 1 Meeting Registrant Mailing Label Order Form available
June 17 Exhibitor Housing Form due to Housing Bureau
July 6 Last day for Exhibitors Personnel Registration in order to prepare badges for mailing
Week of July 7 Exhibitor Personnel Badges mailed to Exhibitor Contact

Booth Space Pricing

Inline Basic 10' x 10' 100 2 complimentary registrations $2,500
Inline Corner 10' x 10' 100 2 complimentary registrations $2,700
To determine fee of inline booth space greater than 10 x 10, use formula above
Islands 20' x 20' 400 8 complimentary registrations $10,800
20' x 30' 600 12 complimentary registrations $15,800
20' x 40' 800 16 complimentary registrations $20,800
30' x 30' 900 18 complimentary registrations $23,300
20' x 50' 1000 20 complimentary registrations $25,800
30' x 40' 1200 24 complimentary registrations $30,800
30' x 50' 1500 30 complimentary registrations $38,800
40' x 40' 1600 32 complimentary registrations $40,800
40' x 50' 2000 40 complimentary registrations $50,800
40' x 60' 2400 48 complimentary registrations $60,800
50' x 50' 2500 50 complimentary registrations $63,300
40' x 70' 2800 56 complimentary registrations $70,800
Two-Story Booths
Cost for 2nd Level
20' x 20' island or larger $15 per square feet
(to be added to total cost of first level space)
Basic 10' x 10' 100 2 complimentary registrations $1,000
Corner 10' x 10' 100 2 complimentary registrations $1,200

Booth Space Pricing Formulae

Inline Booth Spaces

  • $25 per square foot (10 x 10 = $2,500; 10 x 20 = $5,000; 10 x 30 = $7,500; etc.)
  • Add $200 for each ‘corner’ included in the inline booth space

Island Booth Formations

  • $25 per square foot + $200 per corner

Two-Story Booth Formations - Cost for 2nd Level

  • $15 per 1 square foot for second level to be added to total cost of first level space

    First Level: 20 x 40 = $20,800
    Second Level: 10 x 20 = $3,000
    Total booth price: $23,800

If you're considering a Two-Story booth, please contact Lisa Rose Sullivan for more information.

Online Personnel Registration Process

  • The Exhibitor Personnel Registration system will be open May 25, 2011.
  • Exhibitors are allotted Exhibitor Personnel Registrations based on booth size.
  • Exhibitors may purchase additional Full Registrations or Technical Exhibits Only Registrations as necessary.

Please note:

  • If you would like to have your personnel badges mailed to you prior to the start of the meeting, your registrations and payment must be complete by July 6.
  • After July 6, you may still register your personnel but the badges WILL NOT be mailed – you will have to pick them up on-site.
  • NO REFUNDS for Exhibitor Personnel Registration cancellations after July 6.
  • For registrations received by July 6 - the Exhibitor Contact will be mailed a company packet via UPS containing personalized envelopes for ALL exhibitor personnel.
  • The personalized envelopes will contain the name badge, badge holder, and social function tickets.

IMPORTANT: In order to make personnel registration changes on site, a badge MUST BE EXCHANGED for the new badge generated or FULL PAYMENT will be required.

Exhibitor Personnel Registration Categories and Fees
Exhibitor Personnel Registrations No Charge For each 10 feet x 10 feet booth purchased, your company will receive TWO personnel registrations. Each Exhibitor Personnel Registration includes admission to the Technical Exhibits, Scientific Sessions & Symposia, AAPM Awards Ceremony and Reception, AAPM Night Out and Continuing Education Credits (each person must complete on-line survey and meet CAMPEP eligibility requirements).
Additional Full Registrations $570 each Includes admission to the Technical Exhibits, Scientific Sessions & Symposia, AAPM Awards Ceremony and Reception, AAPM Night Out and Continuing Education Credits (each person must complete on-line survey and meet CAMPEP eligibility requirements).
Technical Exhibits Only Registration $305 each Includes admission to the Technical Exhibits ONLY; no admission to Scientific Sessions.

Complimentary Guest Badges

  • Each exhibiting company is allotted 10 Guest passes (1 guest pass per day, per person). The registration system will
    allow you to register your guests prior to the start of the show or you can wait to do it on-site.
  • Guest passes allow access to the EHIXIBIT HALL ONLY.
  • Guest passes WILL NOT be mailed in advance with your exhibitor badges. They must be picked up on-site.
  • Please Note: Guest Badges are not to be used by Exhibitor personnel. Gross violation of this rule may be
    subject to the payment of a registration fee of up to $300 per violation.

Social Functions - Purchase of Additional Social Function Tickets

Exhibitors may purchase an unlimited number of social function tickets either pre-show via the Internet or on-site.

Social Function Date Time Location Fees
AAPM Awards
Ceremony and Reception
Monday, August 1 Ceremony: 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Reception: 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Convention Centre
Ballroom A
Night Out Tuesday, August 2 6:30 pm -10:00 pm Convention Centre
Ballroom D, Foyer and Terrace

Additional Registration Information

AAPM GAMMEX 5K Run/Walk: Click here to register for this event!

  • Tuesday, August 2 • 6:00am start time
  • The race starts and ends at the Vancouver Sea Wall near the West Expansion of the Vancouver Convention Centre.
  • Deadline to register is July 6. There is no on-site registration for this event.
  • Registered participants must come by the meeting registration area in the convention center on Monday, August 1, between 10:00am and 2:00pm, to sign a waiver and pick up a race number and t-shirt.

Self Assessment Modules (SAMs):

  • Many AAPM members now require Maintenance of Certification (MOC) as defined by the American Board of Radiology. AAPM is offering Self-Assessment Modules (SAMs) which allow for interactive learning and self-assessment of knowledge gained during 8 designated sessions, to be submitted for ABR approval.
  • Deadline to register for SAMs is July 8.
  • If any of your exhibitor personnel need to fulfill their SAMS requirement, they must call CDS at 1-508-743-8511 to register for the handheld audience response unit.