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Simultaneous Acquisition Quality Assurance and Design of Fused MRI-MRS Phantom for the Performance Evaluation

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K Song

Kyu-Ho Song1*, Do-Wan Lee1 , Sang-Young Kim1 , Bo-Young Choe1 , (1) Development of Biomedical Engineering, and Research Institute of Biomedical Engineering, The Catholic University of Korea, College of Medicine, Seoul, Seoul, Korea


SU-E-I-47 Sunday 3:00PM - 6:00PM Room: Exhibit Hall

Purpose: The objectives of this study were to develop MRI-MRS fused phantom with metabolite inserts for QA, to optimize simultaneously QA parameters using fused phantom and to conduct quantitative analysis of sixteen metabolites solution with layered shape vials using localization sequence.

Methods: The circular cylinder body was filled with water-diluted CuSOâ‚„(0.7g/L) for having a T1 time shorting function and NaCl(75mM) to make similarly with bodily salt. The solutions of the 10 metabolites were prepared at about 100mM and pH of the solution was adjusted using Kâ‚‚HPOâ‚„(72mM) and KHâ‚‚POâ‚„(28mM) in Hâ‚‚O at pH 7.0. All measurements of MRI, MRS were made using a 3.0 T scanner (Achiva Tx 3.0 T) with SENSE - 32 channel head coil. The water signal of each volume of interest (VOI) was suppressed by variable pulse powers and optimized relaxation delays (VAPOR) applied before progress of the scan. The MRS scan parameters were as follows: point-resolved spectroscopy (PRESS) sequence; TR, 2000 ms; TE, 35 ms; shim, iterative VOI; NSA, 64. In addition, this study was conducted with jMRUI-5.0 software, with AMARES for spectral fitting.

Results: Results of measured magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) factors were as follows: geometric accuracy (191.23±0.60), low contrast object detectability (28.13±0.835), image-shift distortion (0.41±0.0032). Results of measured magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) factors were as follows: signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of the NAA (25.95±0.35), water suppression percent (99.70±0.09 %), line width of water peak (5.75±0.91 Hz).

Conclusion: This study was to perform QA on SVS technique using the ACR-MRS phantom which was refered ACR test guideline.The present study is being measured the quantitative accuracy of the metabolite and the accuracy of the position of the VOI which could be performed by layered shape vials. When QA protocol factors is established in this experiment, it is possible as MVS QA guideline.

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