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Significant Variations in Measured Small Cone Output Factor for FFF Beams

A Sudhyadhom

A Sudhyadhom*, L Ma , N Kirby , University of California, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA


TU-F-BRE-8 Tuesday 4:30PM - 6:00PM Room: Ballroom E

Purpose: To evaluate the measurement accuracy of several dosimeters for small cone output factors in two SRS/SBRT dedicated systems with Flattening Filter Free (FFF) beams: a Varian TrueBeam STx (TB) and an Accuray CyberKnife VSI (CK). Output factors (OFs) were measured for both machines and for CK, compared against a Monte Carlo model.

Methods: Dose measurements were taken using three different FFF beams (TB 6XFFF, TB 10XFFF, and CK 6XFFF). Three commonly used types of dosimeters were examined in this work: a micro-ion chamber (Exradin A16), two shielded diodes (PTW TN60008 and PTW TN60017), and radiochromic film (Gafchromic EBT2). Measured OFs from these dosimeters were compared with each other and OFs measured with an Exradin W1 scintillator. Monte Carlo determined correction factors for the CK beam for the micro-ion chamber and diodes were applied to the respective OF measurements and compared against scintillator measured OFs corrected for volume averaging.

Results: OFs measured for the smallest fields using the micro-ion chamber, diodes, scintillator, and film varied substantially (with up to a 16% difference between dosimeters). Micro-ion chamber and film OF measurements were up to 9% and 10%, respectively, lower than scintillator measurements for the smallest fields. OF measurements by diode were up to 6% greater than scintillator measurements for the smallest fields. With correction factors, the micro-ion chamber and diode measured OFs showed good agreement with scintillator measured OFs for the CK 6XFFF beam (within 3% and 1.5%, respectively).

Conclusion: Uncorrected small field OFs vary significantly with dosimeter. The accuracy of scintillator measurements for small field OFs may be greater than the other dosimeters studied in this work (when uncorrected). Measurements involving EBT2 film may result in lower accuracy for smaller fields (less than 10mm). Care should be taken in the choice of the dosimeter used for small field OF measurements.

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