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Administrative Policies and Procedures

Policy number Policy name Policy date Sunset date
AP 56-B Executive Directors Salary Review Procedures 7/21/2007 12/31/2018
Policy source
EXCOM Meeting Minutes - July 21, 2007
Policy text

The Executive Committee functions as a Performance Review Committee charged with annually reviewing and setting the compensation for the Executive Director. This review will take place at the last meeting of the year of the AAPM Board of Directors. The current President will communicate, to the Executive Director, the results of the performance review and the compensation status for the coming year. The Treasurer is responsible for communicating the Executive Director's salary to the Human Resources Director's office at AIP.

Calendar of Events


The Executive Director and the President prepare and agree on a set of goals for the Executive Director for the current year. The Executive Director reports to the Executive committee on progress on the goals at each of their meetings.


The President and the Executive Director meet sometime during the Annual Meeting to review progress on the goals. Any adjustments to the goals will be made at that time.


A survey will be sent to all Board, Council and Committee Chairs requesting feedback on the Executive Director's performance. Headquarters will assist in the production and mailing of the survey if desired. The survey will be returned to the President for analysis.


The AIP Human Resources Director will send salary benchmark information for the Executive Director's position directly to the AAPM President.


The Executive Committee (in executive session) will review the Executive Director's performance and salary.


President will transmit a written evaluation of the Executive Director to AIP for placement in the Executive Director's personnel file.

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