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Welcome to the History and Heritage Web Site of the AAPM. The Awards and Honors Committee is responsible for recognizing the contributions to the profession by it's many Distinguished Members. The History Committee is responsible for maintaining the historical archives of the AAPM.

AAPM Virtual Museum of Medical Physics

The Virtual Museum was developed by the AAPM History Committee to document and preserve the heritage of the field of Medical Physics and of AAPM. The Museum website is publicly accessible at museum.aapm.org .

Please note: The lists of "Distinguished Members" and "Other Association Awards" below include AAPM Members only. To view the entire Awards and Honors Ceremony program from a specific year, please see "Past Awards and Honors Ceremony Programs". If you are inquiring about an individual that is not included on a specific award listing or in one of the programs, please send an email to Nancy Vazquez.

Distinguished Members

Past Chairs of the ACMP Board of Chancellors and Past ACMP Annual Meeting Locations

Distinguished members please submit your biographic information.

Other Association Awards

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Past Awards and Honors Ceremony Programs

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Wayback MachineAAPM Website through the Years

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Historical Interviews By Year

The AAPM History Committee is pleased to present a selection of interviews with prominent medical physicists.

Medical physics and the AAPM have a long and rich history. Much of the history has been captured on video through interviews with prominent physicists and other individuals who have charted the course of medical physics in North America over the past 50+ years. The interviews are fascinating to view.


Aaron Fenster

Angela Keyser

M. Mahesh

Jean Moran

Vrinda Narayana

Bhudatt Paliwal

Michael Woodward

Lei Xing

2022John Antolak, Stan Benedict, Penny  Butler, Indrin Chetty, Indra Das, James Dobbins, Steven Goetsch, Geoff Ibbott, Jennifer Johnson, Pei-Jan Lin, Marlene McKetty, Matthew Podgorsak, Joann Prisciandaro, Jan Seuntjens, Martin Yaffe
2021Dan Bourland, Carlos de Almeida, Fred Fahey, M. Saiful Huq, Dan Low, Michael Mills, Azam Niroomand-Rad, Larry Rothenberg, Chris Serago, Randy Ten Haken, Jake Van Dyk, X. George Xu
2019 John Boone, James Chu, Bruce Gerbi, Charlie Ma, Melissa Martin, Cynthia McCollough, Larry Sweeney, Bruce Thomadsen, Ellen Yorke
2018 Muthana Al-Ghazi, Jerry Allison, Frank Bova, Radhe Mohan, Louis Wagner
2017 Stephen Balter, Michael Gillin, Mahadevappa Mahesh, Jatinder Palta, Todd Pawlicki, John Wong
2016 Paul Deluca, Wendell Lutz, Robert Pizzutiello, Keith Strauss, Michael Yester
2015 John Bayouth, Larry DeWerd, Sonja Dieterich, Jean St. Germaine
2014 Doracy Fontenla, John Hazle, Thomas Rockwell Mackie, Yakov Pipman, George Starkschall
2013 Caridad Borras, Bruce Curran, Gary A. Ezzell, Benedict Fraass, Daniel McShan, Norbert Pelc
2012 William F. Hanson, J. Anthony Seibert, Kenneth Vanek, James A. Zagzebski
2011 J. Ed Barnes, Michael G Herman, Angela Keyser, Cynthia McCollough
2010 Laurence Clarke, Maryellen L. Giger, Mary E. Moore, David W. O. Rogers
2009 John Boone, Willi Kalender, Herbert Mower, Gerald White
2008 Gail D. Adams, Arthur L. Boyer, James C. Carlson, Paul N. Goodwin, Morris Hodara, James G. Kereiakes, Christopher H. Marshall, Mary K. Martel ( Camera 1, Camera 2 ), Robert J. Schulz
2007 Priscilla Butler, Frances Harshaw, Ervin B. Podgorsak, Russell E. Ritenour, Marilyn Stovall
2006 Howard I. Amols, Jatinder Palta, Lawrence E. Reinstein
2005 Lowell L. Anderson, Kunio Doi, G Don Frey, Radhe Mohan
2004 Bernhard Cohen, Bill Hendee, C. Clifton Ling, Azam Niroomand-Rad, Colin G. Orton, Martin Weinhous
2003 Michael Gillin ( Camera 1, Camera 2 ), Robert Gould, Hélène Langevin-Joliot ( Camera 1, Camera 2 ), Edward Nickoloff ( Camera 1, Camera 2 ), Perry Sprawls, Sal Trofi, Jr. ( Camera 1, Camera 2 )
2002 Peter Bloch ( Camera 1, Camera 2 ), Luther Brady, Charles W. Coffey, Stephen Feig, M.D. ( Camera 1, Camera 2 ), James Galvin ( Camera 1, Camera 2 ), Morton Kligerman, M.D., James B. Smathers, Raymond Wu ( Camera 1, Camera 2 )
2001 Jerome G. Dare ( Camera 1, Camera 2 ), Kenneth R. Hogstrom Camera 1, Camera 2 ), Geoffrey Ibbott Camera 1, Camera 2 ), Ravinder Nath
2000 Caridad Borras, Paul DeLuca, Arthur Haus, Donald D. Tolbert
1999 Amos Norman, Guy H. Simmons, Stephen Thomas
1998 Stephen Balter, Donald Herbert, Basil Hilaris, M.D., Jack Krohmer, Mary Louise Meurk, Will Roger Ney ( Camera 1, Camera 2 ), Alfred R. Smith, Jean St. Germain, Rosalyn S. Yalow Camera 1, Camera 2 )
1997 Stephen Balter, Robert Dixon, Kenneth Kase, Faiz Khan, Edwin McCullough ( Camera 1, Camera 2 ), Charles Meinhold, Richard Morin, Budatt Paliwal
1996 Gary Barnes, Paul Carson, Joel E. Gray, Thomas Payne, Robert J. Schulz, John Villforth
1995 Heinz Barshall, Luther Brady, Robert L. Brent,M.D., Gordon Brownell, John R. Cameron, Paul Goodwin, Ronald Kathren ( Camera 1, Camera 2 ), William Koch, Charles Lescrenier, James Purdy, Melvin Siedband, Lauriston Taylor ( Camera 1, Camera 2 ), Ralph Worsnop
1994 Bengt Bjarngard, Victor Bond, M.D., Stewart Bushong, Gary Fullerton, Benjamin Galkin, Charles Kelsey, Simon Kramer, M.D., Ralph Lapp, Otha Linton, Arthur Lucas, Carl Mansfield, M.D., Lawrence Rothenberg, Eugene L. Saenger, Joe Sayeg, Ned Sternick, Lauriston Taylor, Shirley Vickers*, Harold Wyckoff, Rosalyn S Yalow
1993 Peter Almond, John Cunningham, Juan del Regato, Frank Ellis, Jack Fowler, Hy Glasser, Paul Hodges, M.D., Donald Kerst, John Lenihan, Robert Loevinger, Charles A. Mistretta, Fearghus O’Foghluda, Colin G. Orton, Elaine Osterman, Lester Skaggs, Leonard Stanton, Nagalingam Suntharalingam, Michel Ter-Poggosian, Robert Waggener
1992 Herb Attix, Norman Baily, George Callendine, John R. Cameron ( Camera 1, Camera 2, Camera 3 ), Arnold Feldman, Ted Fields, Robert O. Gorson ( Camera 1, Camera 2 ), Moses Greenfield, Bill Hendee, C.J. Karzmark, Jack Krohmer, Craig Nunan, Robert Shalek, Warren Sinclair, Ray Tanner, Edward Webster, Peter Wootton, Ann Wright, Kenneth Wright
1990 Gail Adams, John Hale, James Kereiakes, Larry Lanzl ( Camera 1, Camera 2 ), Larry Lanzl, John Laughlin ( Camera 1, Camera 2 ), Jacques Ovadia

Additional Historical Interviews

Most interviews prior to 2005 were made by Bob Gorson, although some were conducted by others. Those interviews along with the ones below (audio only with transcript) may also be obtained individually on a 30-day loan from the Niels Bohr Library and Archives of the American Institute of Physics. The process is to access the online catalog ICOS which provides a description of the collection, including a list of the interviewees and to then fill out an access application to the Niels Bohr Library and Archives.

· Howard Andrews
· Carl Braestrup
· Austin Brues
· Robley D. Evans
· George Henny
· Paul Henshaw
· Norman Hillberry
· Lillian E. Jacobson
· Harold E. Johns
· George Laurence
· John Lawrence
· Herbert M. Parker
· Edward Pochin
· Edith E. Quimby
· John Rose
· Roberts Rugh
· J. Newell Stannard
· E. Dale Trout
· John Trump
· John Victoreen
· Shields Warren
· S. Reid Warren
· Marvin Williams

Publications on the History of the AAPM

Formation and early years of the AAPM
Med. Phys. 5(4):290-6., Jul-Aug 1978

History of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine, 1958-1998
Med. Phys. 25(7)., July 1998, Part 2

Activities of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine, 1999-2008
Med. Phys. 35(11)., November 2008

AAPM Quarter-Century Bulletin

Chapter History

The History Committee encourages all Chapters to preserve their history. Several chapters have prepared history panels for display at the AAPM Annual Meetings as shown below. Chapters are encouraged to submit new and updated versions in PDF format to the History Committee, for display in this section.

American Association of Physicists in Medicine portal to the AIP Niels Bohr Library & Archives collections - offers links to photos, archive collections, books and journals, manuscripts and audio visual materials that are housed in the library. Available here »