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William D. Coolidge Award Winners

This award recognizes an AAPM member for an eminent career in medical physics. It is the highest award given by the AAPM. No more than one award will be given in any year and the award does not have to be awarded every year.

Randall K. Ten Haken, PhD 2020
John M. Boone, PhD 2019
Radhe Mohan, PhD - Bio Available 2018
Jatinder R. Palta, PhD 2017
Paul M. DeLuca, Jr., PhD 2016
Maryellen L. Giger, PhD 2015
Thomas R. Mackie, PhD 2014
Benedick A. Fraass, PhD 2013
Stephen R. Thomas, PhD - Bio Available 2012
Richard L. Morin, PhD 2011
David W. O. Rogers, PhD 2010
Willi A. Kalender, PhD 2009
Paul L. Carson, PhD - Bio Available 2008
Arthur L. Boyer, PhD - Bio Available 2007
Ervin B. Podgorsak, PhD - Bio Available 2006
Gary T. Barnes, PhD 2005
C. Clifton Ling, PhD - Bio Available 2004
Kenneth R. Hogstrom, PhD - Bio Available 2003
Bhudatt R. Paliwal, PhD 2002
Ravinder Nath, PhD 2001
Lowell L. Anderson, PhD - Bio Available 2000
Faiz M. Khan, PhD - Bio Available 1999
Bengt E. Bjarngard, PhD 1998
James A. Purdy, PhD - Bio Available 1997
Leonard Stanton, MS 1996
Robert Loevinger, PhD 1995
F. Herb Attix, MS 1994
Colin G. Orton, PhD - Bio Available 1993
Nagalingam Suntharalingam, PhD 1992
Moses A. Greenfield, PhD 1991
Peter R. Almond, PhD - Bio Available 1990
William R. Hendee, PhD - Bio Available 1989
John R. Cunningham, PhD 1988
Gordon L. Brownell, PhD 1987
Warren K. Sinclair, PhD 1986
Jack S. Krohmer, PhD 1985
Robley D. Evans, PhD 1984
Edward W. Webster, PhD 1983
Gail D. Adams, PhD 1982
James G. Kereiakes, PhD 1981
John R. Cameron, PhD 1980
Herbert M. Parker 1979
Lawrence H. Lanzl, PhD 1978
Edith E. Quimby 1977
Harold E. Johns, PhD 1976
Marvin M. D. Williams 1975
John S. Laughlin, PhD 1974
Robert J. Shalek, PhD 1973
William D. Coolidge 1972