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Edith H. Quimby Lifetime Achievement Award
(formerly known as "Achievement in Medical Physics Award")

This award recognizes AAPM members whose careers have been notable based on their outstanding achievements. No more than two awards will be given in any year and the award does not have to be awarded every year.

[Links are to individual biographies if they have been provided for publication]

Arnold  Feldman 1996
Robert  O.  Gorson 1997
John  Hale 1998
Jon  H.  Trueblood 1998
Kenneth  A.  Wright 1998
Perry  Sprawls 1999
Joe  P.  Windham 1999
William  F.  Hanson 2000
Mary  L.  Meurk 2000
Amos  Norman 2002
Stewart  C.  Bushong 2003
Radhe  Mohan 2003
Donald  E.  Herbert 2004
Azam  Niroomand-Rad 2006
Lawrence  N.  Rothenberg 2007
Marilyn  Stovall 2007
James  M.  Galvin 2008
Kenneth  R.  Kase 2008
James  A.  Deye 2009
Lawrence  E.  Reinstein 2009
Raymond  L.  Tanner 2009
Benjamin  R.  Archer 2010
Laurence  P.  Clarke 2010
Joel  E.  Gray 2011
Martin  S  Weinhous 2011
Charles  A.  Mistretta 2012
Edward  S.  Sternick 2012
Kenneth  N.  Vanek 2012
Caridad  Borras 2013
Norbert  J.  Pelc 2013
George  Starkschall 2013
Howard Ira  Amols 2014
Bruce  H.  Curran 2014
Edward Lee  Nickoloff 2014
Larry  A.  DeWerd 2015
Kunio  Doi 2015
Melissa Carol  Martin 2015
Wendell  R.  Lutz 2016
Robert  J.  Pizzutiello 2016
Michael  V.  Yester 2016
G. Donald  Frey 2017
John  W.  Wong 2017
Jerry  D.  Allison 2018
Frank  J.  Bova 2018