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AAPM Medical Physics Travel Grant (no longer awarded)

This grant is made annually to a U.S. AAPM member to travel to a foreign country of the recipient's choice. The purpose of this grant is to assist in the career development of the recipient and to promote communications in medical physics between nations.

Indra  J.  Das 1995 Eugene  P.  Lief 1996
Rodica  Alecu 1997 Roger  H.  Johnson 1998
John  A.  Antolak 1999 Paul  J.  Keall 2000
Aldo  Badano 2001 Jean  M  Moran 2002
Nesrin  Dogan 2003 Cynthia Fu-Yu  Chuang 2004
Warren  D.  D'Souza 2005 Sonja  Dieterich 2007
Jun  Deng 2008