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Honorary Membership

Honorary membership into the AAPM is bestowed upon individuals to recognize distinguished service that they have done in other socieites that supports medical physics. Thus the award not only honors the individual but also strengthens the links between the AAPM and the other society.

[Links are to individual biographies if they have been provided for publication]

* Deceased

John Buatti 2020
Donald Frush, MD 2020
Kimberly E Applegate, FACR, MD, MS - Bio Available 2019
Carl E. Ravin 2019
Richard L. Ehman 2018
Lawrence B. Marks, MD 2018
Bruce G. Haffty 2017
Valerie P. Jackson, MD 2017
Arno J. Mundt, DM 2017
Wilfried De Neve 2016
Anthony Zietman 2016
Marilyn J. Goske, MD 2015
Roderic Pettigrew, MD 2015
James Brink, MD 2014
Sarah S. Donaldson, MD 2014
Donald L. Miller, MD 2013
Mr. William D. Coolidge* 2012
John Lenihan 2011
Allen S. Lichter, MD 2011
Robert D. Moseley, Jr. 2011
Salvatore X. Trofi, Jr., MBA 2011
Gary J Becker, MD 2010
George S Bisset, III, MD 2009
Francis J Mahoney, PhD 2006
Brian C Lentle, MD 2005
Mark P Carol, MD 2004
Paul C Lauterbur, PhD* 2004
Hans Svensson, PhD 2001
Robert R. Hattery, Jr. 1998
Mr. Lionel Cohen, MD* 1992
Andree Dutreix, PhD 1991
Rosalyn S. Yalow, PhD* 1989
Allan M. Cormack, PhD* 1988
John F. Fowler, DSc* 1985
Juan A. del Regato, MD* 1982
Frank Ellis, DSc* 1980
Donald W. Kerst, PhD* 1967