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John R. Cameron Early-Career Investigator Symposium Awardees

[previously awarded as John R. Cameron Young Investigator Symposium (2001 – 2020)]

Each year AAPM conducts an Early-Career Investigators’ Competition for the Annual Meeting. The ten highest scored Early-Career Investigator abstract submissions determined by reviewers are selected to be presented in a special symposium in honor of University of Wisconsin Professor Emeritus John R. Cameron, Ph.D. The top three recipients are recognized at the Awards and Honors Ceremony during the Annual Meeting each summer.

Claire Keun Sun Park, PhD Dedicated 3D Automated Breast Ultrasound with High-Resolution Complementary Imaging for Point-of-Care Breast Cancer Screening in Increased-Risk Populations 2023 1st Place
Savannah M Decker Expanding the Inclusivity of Cherenkov Surface Dosimetry By Quantifying the Effects of Skin Tone in a Multi-Institutional Human Study 2023 2nd Place
David P. Adam, PhD, MS Creation of Waterproof, Tld Probes for Absorbed Dose Measurements to Validate Image-Based Radiopharmaceutical Therapy Dosimetry Workflow 2023 3rd Place
Qihui Lyu, PhD Pair Production Tomography Imaging 2022 1st Place
Rachel Petragallo, MS A Multi-Institutional, Convolutional Neural Network-Based Approach to the Detection of Vertebral Body Mis-Alignments in Planar X-Ray Setup Images 2022 ECI - 2nd place
Constance A. Owens, BS Development and Validation of a Population-Based Anatomical Colorectal Model for Radiation Dosimetry in Late Effects Studies of Childhood Cancer Survivors 2022 ECI - 3rd place
Yiqun Ma Non-Circular Orbits On a Clinical Robotic C-Arm for Reducing Metal Artifacts in Orthopedic Interventions 2021 1st Place
Nolan M. Esplen Design and Performance of the ARIEL X-Ray FLASH Irradiation Platform at TRIUMF 2021 2nd Place
Evan D H Gates, PhD Imaging Based Prediction of Proliferative Foci as a Target for Surgical Intervention Across Glioma Grades 2021 3rd Place
Irwin I. Tendler, PhD First-Time Imaging of Light Generation in the Eye During Radiotherapy 2020 1st Place
Nathan James Orlando, PhD RmU-Net: A Generalizable Deep Learning Approach for Automatic Prostate Segmentation in 3D Ultrasound Images 2020 2nd Place
Lindsay Zammit Fiducial-Based Tracking of a Transthoracic Echocardiography Probe in X-Ray Fluoroscopy for X-Ray/echo Co-Registration 2020 3rd Place
Jessica Rodgers Enabling 3D Ultrasound Needle Guidance During Implant Placement Procedures for High-Dose-Rate Interstitial Gynecologic Brachytherapy 2019 1st Place
Abdelkhalek Hammi Modeling the Radiation Dose to Circulating Lymphocytes for Different Radiotherapy Modalities and Delivery Parameters 2019 2nd Place
Eric D. Morris, PhD Cardiac Substructure Segmentation with Deep Learning for Improved Cardiac Sparing 2019 3rd Place
Avilash Cramer A Stationary Computed Tomography Module Using Photocathode-Driven X-Ray Sources 2018 1st Place
Adrian F. Howansky, PhD Guiding Novel Flat Panel Detector Designs with Direct Measurements of Depth-Dependent Scintillator Gain and Blur 2018 2nd Place
Irwin I. Tendler, PhD Scintillator Target Imaging Provides Accurate Remote Multi-Site Surface Dosimetry 2018 3rd Place
Ashley E. Rubinstein, PhD A Pre-Clinical Study of Radiation-Induced Lung Toxicity When Treating in a Strong Magnetic Field 2017 1st Place
Suzanne Lydiard First Cardiac Radiosurgery MLC Tracking Results 2017 2nd Place
Jordan M. Slagowski, PhD Inverse-Geometry CT with a Rotating C-Arm: Implementation On the Scanning Beam Digital X-Ray System 2017 3rd Place
Brandon J. Walker A Modular Multi-Source X-Ray Tube for Novel Computed Tomography Applications 2016 Winner
James Scheuermann, PhD Low Dose Imaging with Avalanche Amorphous Selenium Flat Panel Imager 2016 Winner
Matthew L. Scarpelli, PhD Dynamic FLT PET for Investigating Potential Synergistic Therapeutic Targets During Anti-Angiogenic Treatment 2016 Winner
Gage H. Redler, PhD A Novel Scatter Imaging Modality for Real-Time Image Guidance During Lung SBRT 2015 Winner
Jacqueline M. Andreozzi, PhD, MS Rapid Treatment Field Uniformity Optimization for Total Skin Electron Beam Therapy Using Cherenkov Imaging 2015 Winner
Joost M. Verburg, PhD Prompt Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy for Range Verification of Clinical Proton Beams 2015 Winner
Scott P. Robertson, PhD A Data-Mining Algorithm for Large Scale Analysis of Dose-Outcome Relationships in a Database of Irradiated Head-And-Neck (HN) Cancer Patients 2014 Winner
Susannah V. Hickling, PhD Feasibility of X-Ray Acoustic Computed Tomography as a Tool for Calibration and In Vivo Dosimetry of Radiotherapy Electron and Photon Beams 2014 Winner
Svenja Ipsen Radiosurgery Beyond Cancer: Real-Time Target Localization and Treatment Planning for Cardiac Radiosurgery Under MRI Guidance 2014 Winner
Clemens Grassberger, PhD Motion Mitigation in Active Scanning Proton Therapy for Lung Cancer: A 4D Monte Carlo Study 2013 Winner
Grace Jianan Gang, PhD Modeling Nonstationary Noise and Task-Based Detectability in CT Images Computed by Filtered Backprojection and Model-Based Iterative Reconstruction 2013 Winner
Reza Farjam Early Prediction of Brain Metastases Response to Radiation Therapy by Combination of Changes in Tumor Vascular and Cellularity Properties 2013 Winner
Samuel J. Fahrenholtz, PhD Uncertainty Quantification by Generalized Polynomial Chaos for MR-Guided Laser Induced Thermal Therapy 2012 Winner
Shane P. Krafft, PhD Mean Regional Dose to the Esophagus Predicts Acute Toxicity Rate for Lung Cancer Patients 2012 Winner
Steven J. Bartolac Experimental Validation of Fluence Field Modulation for Noise and Dose Management in CT 2012 Winner
Irina Vergalasova, PhD A Novel Technique for Markerless Self-Sorted 4D-CBCT 2011 Winner
Matthew J. Webster, PhD Dynamic Modulated Brachytherapy (DMBT): Concept, Design, and Application 2011 Winner
Melissa L. Hill, PhD Dual-Energy Contrast-Enhanced Breast Tomosynthesis: Signal Response to Tissue Contrast Uptake Kinetics 2011 Winner
Adam D. Melancon Range Adaptive Proton Therapy for Prostate Cancer 2010 Winner
David Busch Blood Flow and Volume Changes During Simulated Mammography 2010 Winner
Jeffrey Schlosser Real-Time Soft-Tissue Imaging Concurrent with External Beam Radiation Therapy Delivery 2010 Winner
Ben Waghorn, PhD Modeling Myocardial Mn2+ Efflux Rates Using Manganese-Enhanced MRI T1 Mapping in a Murine Myocardial Infarction Model 2009 Winner
Matthew M. Wronski, PhD An Enabling Technology for Very Low Exposure X-Ray Imaging 2009 Winner
Niranjan Venugopal, PhD Shape Matters: Utilization of a Conformal Voxel Technique to Acquire Robust in Vivo Prostate MRSI at Short Echo Times 2009 Winner
Malik Brunet-Benkhoucha Low Dose Rate Prostate Brachytherapy: A Tomosynthesis-Based Intra-Operative Post-Implant Dose Evaluation 2008 Winner
Michael J. Price, PhD The imaging and dosimetric capabilities of a novel CT/MR-suitable, anatomically adaptive, shielded HDR/PDR intracavitary brachytherapy applicator for the treatment of cervical cancer 2008 Winner
Todd F. Atwood, PhD Bioanatomic MR Imaging for Characterization of Brain Tumor and Radiation Response in the Rat Brain 2008 Winner
Antje-Christin Knopf, MS Quantitative assessment of the accuracy of proton beam range verification with PET/CT 2007 Winner
Jonas D. Fontenot, PhD Stray radiation exposure during proton radiotherapy of the prostate: the influence of the patient on scatter and production 2007 Winner
Reed G. Selwyn, PhD The development and validation of an image-based dosimetry system for 90Y microspheres used to treat hepatic tumors 2007 Winner
Arman Sarfehnia, PhD Radiation Quality in High Contrast Imaging with Orthogonal Bremsstrahlung Beams 2006 Winner
Carri K. Glide-Hurst, PhD A Novel Approach to Assessing Breast Density Utilizing Sound Speed Measurements 2006 Winner
Irina Waechter Using Flow Information to Support 3D Vessel Reconstruction From Rotational Angiography 2006 Winner
Fabio Settecase Factors Affecting Remote Control Endovascular Catheter Steering for iMRI 2005 Winner
Lifeng Yu, PhD Helical Cone-beam CT for Radiation Therapy 2005 Winner
Vanessa Clark Automated beam direction selection for IMRT based on geometrical concepts of viewability and orthogonality 2005 Winner
Amit Sawant, PhD Empirical Investigation of a New Generation of High QE Detectors for Active Matrix Flat-Panel Imager EPIDs 2004 Winner
Joel R. Wilkie, PhD Textural Analysis of Pelvis Bone Images for Early Detection of Osteolysis in Hip Replacement Patients 2004 Winner
Wesley S. Culberson, PhD - Bio Avaialable New 125I and 103Pd Brachytherapy Seed Air-Kerma-Strength Measurement Techniques 2004 Winner
Anant Gopal, PhD Extraction and Reconstruction of Asymmetric Vessel Lumen in Radiographic Images Using Vessel Continuity 2003 Winner
Stephen Steciw, PhD A Monte Carlo Based Method for Accurate IMRT Verification Using the AS500 EPID 2003 Winner
Tao Wu Tomosynthesis Mammography Reconstruction Using a Maximum Likelihood Method 2003 Winner
Deidre L. Batchelar, PhD Imaging Bone Mineralization Using Coherently Scattered X Rays 2002 Winner
Parminder S. Basran, PhD Functional CT with a Conventional Scanner to Measure Regional Lung Perfusion 2002 Winner
Seemantini Nadkarni Retrospective Cardiac Gating for Three-Dimensional (3D) Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS) Imaging Using An Image-Based Technique 2002 Winner
Anita Berndt, PhD An 192Ir CT Scanner for High-Dose-Rate Brachytherapy 2001 Winner
Jason Stafford Real-Time MR Temperature Imaging of Ultrasound Thermal Therapy Using EPI 2001 Winner
Sadek A. Nehmeh Gated Positron Emission Tomography In Lung Cancer: A Novel Technique To Reduce Lung Tumor Motion Effect For Radiotherapy 2001 Winner