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Administrative Policies and Procedures

Policy number Policy name Policy date Sunset date
AP 64-B Refund Policy for Annual Meeting Registrations 10/10/2008 12/31/2018
Policy source
October 10, 2008 EXCOM Minutes
Policy text
  1. Stated (Public) Policy:
    Refunds will be given if written or electronic notification is received on or before the close of pre-registration. No refunds will be given after the close of pre-registration. (Approximately 3 weeks before the meeting).
  2. Unstated Guidance to HQ staff for Members
    If someone requests a refund after the "no refund date" for extenuating circumstances, Headquarters may, with guidance of the appropriate committee or subcommittee, provide a refund minus an administrative fee of $50.
For requests after the start of the scientific program of the meeting, a refund will be given minus an administrative fee and the cost of the social program

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