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Administrative Policies and Procedures

Policy number Policy name Policy date Sunset date
AP 39-C Guidelines for Reciprocal Complimentary Services furnished to other Non-Profit Scientific Societies 10/8/2009 12/31/2019
Policy source
October 8, 2009 EXCOM Meeting Minutes
Policy text
These guidelines are to assist the Executive Director in the implementation of a uniform policy in the AAPM's relationship with other non-profit scientific or AAPM related societies. To the extent that the other society is more generous in their treatment of the AAPM, the executive director is authorized to reciprocate in like fashion so long as it does not become a burden to the AAPM. Guidelines for some of the more frequently asked for services are given below.


Other non-profit scientific societies may purchase mailing labels at the non-profit rate. Content of mailings must be approved by AAPM.

Complimentary Booth:

One complimentary booth at the annual meeting will be furnished based on the existence of adequate space. Non-profits will be placed in a less desirable location on the exhibit floor. Requests for space in addition to the initial single booth will be filled on an as available basis. This means that after all non-profits which have requested space have received a booth and we have sold all we possibly can, any remaining space may be allocated to the non-profit organizations on an equitable basis.

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