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This Policy is No Longer Active.
Policy number Policy name Policy date Sunset date
PP 15-B Conflict of Interest 11/28/2009 12/31/2015
Policy source
2009 RSNA Meeting Board Minutes
Policy text

The American Association of Physicists in Medicine accords special importance to the policies and procedures established for assuring the integrity and public confidence in its actions and reports. The work of the Association is largely done by volunteer committees appointed for their expertise and their willingness to serve the Association. These men and women are drawn from every part of the Association. Their skills and generous contributions of time are essential to the ability of the Association to serve the medical physics community and while serving on Committees, they are official representatives of the Association. It is understood that, as professionals, individuals may have relationships that present a conflict of interest to the Association or its activities. It is mandatory that committee members disclose real or perceived conflicts of interest because of their financial and legal responsibility for the affairs of the Association.

Conflict of Interest

The term conflict of interest means any financial or other interest that conflicts with the service of an individual because it (1) could impair the individuals objectivity or (2) could create an unfair competitive advantage for any person or organization. Conflicts may exist with an institution, within an educational setting, with industry, or with clinical practice activities. Members should be aware when personal interests conflict with other interests. Members shall put the needs of the patient above their own personal interests. Conflicts of interests are not inherently unethical or to be avoided, but they must be disclosed to any involved party and manged appropriately.

Procedures for Addressing Possible Conflict of Interest

The Association follows a procedure that seeks (1) to disclose and manage real or perceived conflict of interest, (2) to maximize the credibility of actions and reports of the Association, and (3) to equip the Association, through early consideration of any potential sources of conflict of interest, to defend Association members, and their participation in activities against possible allegations of conflict of interest. Individuals selected for service to the Association are required to complete a Potential Sources of Conflict of Interest form, listing relevant connections and interests that may constitute potential sources of conflict of interest.

All completed forms are available to members of the Association.

The request for information on the Potential Sources of Conflict of Interest form and the discussion of potential sources of conflict of interest are not intended to question the personal integrity of any individual. Indeed, the Potential Sources of Conflict of Interest form is designed to elicit only that information that is relevant and merits disclosure in light of the conflict of interest policy set forth above and the responsibilities of the Committee on which the individual serves. The responsibility for determining the information to be reported rests with the individual completing the form; relying on the individual's own sense of integrity and good judgment. The overriding objective is to ensure that the work of those who volunteer their time and energy to the Association and the medical physics community is not compromised or diminished by real or perceived conflict of interest.

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