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Administrative Policies and Procedures

Policy number Policy name Policy date Sunset date
AP 69-C Procedure for membership online voting at AAPM.ORG 5/13/2010 12/31/2020
Policy source
May 13, 2010 EXCOM Meeting Minutes
Policy text
Voting by AAPM Members will be accomplished electronically. Voting AAPM Members with an email address that is not marked "BAD" will be sent an email with a URL that will take them to the electronic ballot.

Only members that are eligible to vote at the time the online vote opens will be permitted to vote.

Electronic Ballot

All users will be authenticated with their AAPM usernames and passwords prior to voting.

The web page will ensure that only one vote per issue is selected prior to submitting a final vote. Once a voter submits their vote, a confirmation screen will show all of the information they just entered. The voter will then be prompted to press "Finalize my vote" and their vote will be recorded in the AAPM database. Recording of votes within the AAPM database will be done anonymously such that their vote cannot be associated with their name.

If a voter attempts to post a blank vote (one where no options have been chosen), they will be told that no data was received and be directed to fill out the form again.

The results of the vote will be available to the AAPM Secretary. The numerical results of any vote conducted by the Secretary will be reviewed by the President and the Chairman of the Board at the completion of the voting process.

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