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Administrative Policies and Procedures

This Policy is No Longer Active.
Policy number Policy name Policy date Sunset date
AP 25-C EXCOM Expenditure of Funds Policy 10/7/2010 12/31/2015
Policy source
October 8, 2005 EXCOM Meeting Minutes
Policy text
The AAPM EXCOM is authorized to make decisions involving expenditures of funds without the prior approval of the AAPM Board of Directors under the following circumstances:

• The mechanism shall be used when time constraints or other considerations prevent the use of conventional mechanisms of the Board.

• Individual actions shall involve expenditures amounting to no more than 0.5% of the annual budget.

• The aggregate expenditures committed annually by this mechanism shall amount to no more than 2.5% of the budget.

• Recurring expenditures are to be referred to the Board.

• EXCOM decisions are to be sensitive politically and professionally, and must consider societal impact.

• Such financial decisions shall require a 4/5 vote of EXCOM.

• EXCOM shall make an effort to notify and consult with appropriate committees.

• EXCOM shall notify the Board every quarter of such expenditures.

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