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Administrative Policies and Procedures

Policy number Policy name Policy date Sunset date
AP 33-C AAPM Staff Bonuses 10/7/2010 12/31/2020
Policy source
July 22, 2005 EXCOM Meeting
Policy text

The staff bonus plan is based on team performance, not profit. All staff are eligible except the Executive Director.

  • Executive Director and staff set yearly goals.

  • Prior to the RSNA meeting, the Executive Director and EXCOM create a questionnaire and survey Board members and Council and Committee Chairs to get input on staff performance.

  • Executive Director summarizes responses and reports results to EXCOM at the RSNA meeting. All raw responses are made available to EXCOM if requested.

  • President reports the results to the Board during Executive Session.

  • Maximum bonus pool is 1.5% of gross salaries.

  • Board designates bonus amount up to 1% of gross salaries.

  • Executive Director designates bonus amount up to 0.5% of gross salaries.

  • President informs the Board of the bonus amount from the Executive Director.

  • President informs Executive Director of the bonus amount from Board.

  • Executive Director apportions the bonus funds among the staff.

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