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Administrative Policies and Procedures

This Policy is No Longer Active.
Policy number Policy name Policy date Sunset date
AP 57-F Working Document of Understanding (RSNA & AAPM) 10/7/2010 12/31/2016
Policy source
EXCOM Meeting Minutes - October 6, 2010
Policy text


Current Procedure

A. AAPM Visibility at RSNA Annual Meeting.

As noted in current RSNA practice, RSNA features the AAPM logo in many areas: Registration brochures, scientific program, and "Walk Through the Week" Physics Brochure.

Physics sessions signs will have AAPM added at no additional expense.

AAPM Program Liaison is provided an office in the Program Office of RSNA.

RSNA staff will prepare a regular "Tip of the Day" column for the Daily Bulletin and will consult with a physicist from the committee that oversees the Daily Bulletin on content.

B. AAPM Booth at RSNA Scientific Meeting.

AAPM is assigned a complimentary 20' x 30' booth in Hall A of McCormick Place during RSNA's Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting.

A copy of the 20' x 30' free form AAPM exhibit which Freeman has developed for their use at our Annual Meeting can be provided.

A liaison from AAPM serves on the RSNA Technical Exhibits Committee. AAPM has been assigned a booth in Hall A on a complimentary basis. The expenses covered by RSNA include rental fee and corner charges, amounting to $16,200. (This is an indirect expense for RSNA.) The booth structure is a Freeman rental for which RSNA pays approx. $17,200 annually. This includes labor for set-up, dismantle, carpeting, chairs, tables/counters. Electrical and network connections are not included and would be paid by AAPM, if desired. AAPM will deal with the General Contractor on graphics and will pay these expenses directly.

Complimentary items / services provided by RSNA to the AAPM: 1) 20 x 30 ft. island space; 2) booth structure, includes cabinets, light boxes and shelves; 3) 20 x 30 ft. carpeting; 4) carpet cleaning service; 5) booth structure labor installation costs; 6) booth structure labor dismantle costs; 7) two stools; 8) two trash cans; 9) porter service.

Changes in booth design or in the creation of new graphics would be at AAPM's expense. We would work with their staff to provide assistance in making the necessary changes to the current booth layout as early as possible.

RSNA policy regarding booth placement for both paid and complimentary space has been the same as stated in the Application Space Contract. RSNA assigns space on the basis of history and dates points. Exhibition space is assigned to organizations where it makes the most sense. All exhibiting groups can make requested / preferred booth locations via the Application Space Contract so when space assignments are made by the Technical Exhibition staff, booth requests are taken into account. AAPM staff will work with RSNA's Managing Director of Technical Exhibits to determine the location of the exhibit on an annual basis.

C. Sleeping Rooms at Annual Meeting.

RSNA provides 7 complimentary single / double rooms for AAPM officers at the Chicago Hilton; 2 complimentary suites for the President and President-elect at the Chicago Hilton.

RSNA will also block 22 rooms at the Chicago Hilton for AAPM staff and other volunteer leaders to be paid for by AAPM and reserved by October 1.

D. AAPM Meeting Rooms at HQ hotel at Annual Meeting.

Complimentary meeting room space is not available. AAPM is free to negotiate meeting room requirements directly with the hotel. RSNA will evaluate the availability of complimentary meeting space at the HQ hotel.

E. RSNA assistance with administration of CAMPEP Continuing Education Credits.

Sessions receiving MPCEC credits will be identified with easily recognizable icons.

RSNA will evaluate future opportunities for including MPCEC credits.

MPCEC credit will be readily transferred to CAMPEP.

F. RSNA / AAPM Administrative staff relationships.

RSNA Executive Director and RSNA President will be invited to attend AAPM Annual Meeting. RSNA President is invited to address the members at the AAPM Annual Meeting.

The AAPM Executive Director will be invited to meetings of other society CEOs.

AAPM President, President-Elect and Executive Director are invited to address the RSNA Board annually.

Avenues of exchange will be encouraged at all levels.

G. Periodic Review of Agreement Memorandum.

Working document reviewed / amended as both organizations agree.

H. Imaging Physics Residences

RSNA will support half the cost of two imaging residences (total of $67,000 per year) for two years, so long as RSNA's contribution is matched by the respective institution.

I. An AAPM Liaison is appointed to each of the following RSNA Committees. Expenses are reimbursed by RSNA.

Scientific Program Committee, Physics Sub-committee of the Scientific Program Committee, Refresher Course Committee, Education Exhibits Committee, Technical Exhibits Committee, Radiology Informatics Committee, Education Council, and Daily Bulletin Editorial Board. The Board of Directors requests the AAPM recommend physicists who are RSNA members to serve in these liaison positions. Liaisons serve one-year terms, and are not subject to term limitations that apply to RSNA committee members.

J. Physics Refresher Course Recording.

AAPM is authorized to record selected Scientific Assembly physics refresher courses, under certain conditions. (June 2002)

K. Eligibility for RSNA Committee Appointments.

Physicists who are not members of RSNA are eligible to be appointed to RSNA committees so long as they are members of AAPM. (April 2004)

L. Quantitative Imaging Collaboration.

The RSNA and the AAPM agree to work together cooperatively to raise awareness of the need for quantitative imaging methods in healthcare, to build an infrastructure to support quantitative imaging and to increase the incorporation of quantitative methods in radiology practices. Examples of the cooperation may include jointly sponsored meetings, joint working groups on specific topics, and initiatives designed to facilitate methods and protocols which provide a foundation for quantitative imaging applied to a variety of diseases. (September 2007)

M. Physics Education Modules.

RSNA and AAPM agree to collaborate on the development of online physics education modules for North American radiology residents. (September 2007)

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