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Policy number Policy name Policy date Sunset date
AP 88-A Non-Cash Donations to AAPM Education & Research Fund 9/12/2012 12/31/2022
Policy source
September 12, 2012 EXCOM Minutes
Policy text
  1. Gifts to the Education & Research Fund will be accepted only for purposes consistent with AAPM's Mission and Objectives. No gifts will be accepted which infringe on AAPM's established policies and procedures.
  2. Gifts of real property, tangible personal property, life insurance and closely held, restricted or infrequently traded securities, and unusual, questionable, or particularly large gifts to the American Association of Physicists in Medicine should be referred to the Investment Advisory Committee (ID) for the appropriate recommendation of action to the Board of Directors.
  3. The final authority to accept or reject gifts rests with the Board of Directors.
  4. Investment Advisory Committee will be notified of any potential non-cash gift.
  5. Gifts to be considered by the Committee may include;
    1. Real property (real estate) and tangible personal property (i.e., art or other collections).
    2. Life insurance policies
    3. Closely held restricted or infrequently traded securities
    4. Life income gifts (i.e., pooled income funds, charitable remainder trusts, and gift annuities) valued at $100,000 or more.
    5. Gifts designed to start new programs or prizes not already in existence or previously endorsed by the Board of Directors or Executive Committee.
    6. Other gifts as requested by the Investment Advisory Committee.
  6. Within two weeks of the Investment Advisory Committee's notification of the donor's intent to make the gift in question, the ID will hold a conference call to discuss the donation. The committee will, after review of the appropriate background information, vote on whether to recommend acceptance of the gift to the Board of Directors.
  7. The Board of Directors will be provided with a report and recommendation from the ID and the Secretary will bring to the Board for consideration in accordance with existing policy.
Policy version history
Policy number Policy name Policy date Sunset date Active?
AP 88-A Non-Cash Donations to AAPM Education & Research Fund 9/12/2012 12/31/2022 Active

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