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Administrative Policies and Procedures

This Policy is No Longer Active.
Policy number Policy name Policy date Sunset date
AP 65-C Policy on Headquarters Site Visits (HQSV) 10/15/2013 12/31/2018
Policy source
EXCOM Meeting Minutes - October 10, 2008
Policy text
  1. Every three years an Ad Hoc Committee is appointed by the President elect in the fall to review Headquarters Operations in the subsequent year.
  2. The Ad Hoc Committee shall consist of: 4 AAPM members (1 of whom served on the previous site visit) and an Executive Director of another association. A member of the Executive Committee will serve as a member of the Ad Hoc Committee.
  3. The President-Elect, with guidance from the Executive Committee, will provide specific charges for the Ad Hoc Committee.
  4. The staff will provide background materials for the entire committee at least 3 weeks prior to the visit.
  5. The Ad Hoc Committee shall submit their report to the President within one month after the site visit.
  6. The Executive Committee will hold a conference call with the Chair of the Ad Hoc Committee to review the report and create a list of tasks.
  7. The Ad Hoc Committee report and the List of tasks are submitted by the President to the Board in the next pre-board packet.
  8. The Executive Director will track tasks until all have been completed.

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