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Administrative Policies and Procedures

Policy number Policy name Policy date Sunset date
AP 92-A Policy for a Specialty Meeting 9/10/2014 12/31/2019
Policy source
September 9, 2014 EXCOM Minutes
Policy text
  1. The meeting will be a benefit to medical physics and related professions. Application for specialty meetings will be submitted to SMOSC.

  2. The meeting will involve relevant and timely topics, including:
    1. topics of an innovative nature
    2. topics that do not significantly duplicate those offered at the annual meeting, summer school, or spring meeting or other AAPM meetings/forums.
  3. The meeting should be scheduled:
    1. to best utilize staff resources
    2. to avoid conflict with other AAPM meetings
    3. to have specialty meetings distributed throughout the calendar year.
  4. The meeting will have a justifiable cost with consideration of the mission of the AAPM.
    1. The financial goal of the meeting will be a 10% revenue return to the AAPM.
    2. Registration fees should be appropriate to match expenses.
    3. Approval by EXCOM must be obtained for a meeting that does not intend to meet the 10% revenue return goal.
  5. The proposal for the meeting should be submitted at a minimum of 4 months and preferably 6 months or more prior to the desired meeting date.

  6. Components of a specialty meeting that differentiate it from other meetings may include but are not limited to:
    1. registration process
    2. exhibit displays
    3. abstract submission
    4. website development
    5. use of other significant AAPM resources.
  7. The application approval is a two-step process: first approval of the meeting concept with initiates involvement of AAPM staff, and second, final approval of the application including the budget.

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