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Policy number Policy name Policy date Sunset date
AP 2-G Travel Reimbursement 7/21/2020 12/31/2025
Policy source
September 4, 2019 EXCOM Meeting Minutes
Policy text
  1. AAPM will reimburse for reasonable actual cost of meals in restaurants. Per diem charges are not permitted. All meals must be documented by receipts. Under normal circumstances, actual meal charges for each day should not exceed a total of $75 per person.

  2. Travel by personal vehicle will be reimbursed at the rate per mile allowed by the IRS. Travel by personal vehicle including lodging and other expenses will be reimbursed up to but not exceeding that of coach airplane fare. Parking and tolls will be reimbursed.

  3. Reimbursement for the use of rental vehicles will be made only if circumstances make it impossible or impractical to use public transportation, or if the cost of the rental vehicle is less than the cost of public transportation. Parking, fuel and tolls will be reimbursed.

  4. Air and surface travel should be at the lowest reasonable cost. Charges for changes made for the traveler's convenience are the responsibility of the traveler. Every effort should be made to make reservations early and use the lowest available fare for air/surface.

  5. First class fare will be reimbursed at coach fare.

  6. Comfortable, moderately priced hotels are preferred.

  7. Calls made on AAPM business and paid for by the member or member's institution will be reimbursed.

  8. Personal calls home or to your office while away from home are reimbursable; however, the number of calls and their length should be kept to reasonable levels.

  9. Personal expenses such as laundry, travel insurance, valet services and movies may not be claimed.

  10. Gratuities are reimbursable but should be kept to a reasonable level.

  11. Receipts are required for all expenses.

  12. In the event a traveler on AAPM business becomes ill or has an emergency at home, AAPM will reimburse the expenses for an immediate return home. Assistance with the return trip can be requested from headquarters.

  13. AAPM will reimburse the cost of travel tickets purchased in advance of a scheduled committee meeting if the meeting is canceled by the AAPM.

See AAPM Travel Expense Voucher

Policy version history
Policy number Policy name Policy date Sunset date Active?
AP 2-G Travel Reimbursement 7/21/2020 12/31/2025 Active
AP 2-F Travel Reimbursement 9/4/2019 12/31/2024 Inactive
AP 2-E Travel Reimbursement 10/8/2014 9/3/2019 Inactive
AP 2-D Travel Reimbursement 2/6/2004 10/7/2014 Inactive
AP 2-C Travel Reimbursement 5/23/2001 2/5/2004 Inactive
AP 2-B Travel Reimbursement 4/1/2000 5/22/2001 Inactive
AP 2-A Travel Reimbursement 1/1/2000 3/31/2000 Inactive

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