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Policy number Policy name Approval date Sunset date
AP 35-C AAPM Grievance Policy 11/28/2021 12/31/2026
AP 56-C Executive Directors Salary Review Procedures 11/28/2021 12/31/2026
AP 33-D AAPM Staff Bonuses 3/9/2023 12/31/2025
AP 138-A AAPM Board Onboarding and Board Director Commitment 4/2/2023 12/31/2028
PUB 1-C Review Guidance for consensus reports submitted to AAPM Journals 10/18/2023 12/31/2028
AP 139-A Overview and Guiding Principles of the AAPM Report Review Process 10/18/2023 12/31/2028
AP 140-A AAPM Policy on Managing Inappropriate Website Content 9/21/2023 12/31/2028
PS 12-A AAPM Position Statement from the Executive Committee on Conflicts and Adverse Events 12/11/2023 12/31/2028
AP 143-A AAPM New Group Creation Process 3/28/2024 12/31/2029

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