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Journal Oversight Committee (JOC)

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  1. Non-financial:
    • Setting journals’ mission to the Association.
    • Setting the course for all journals and managing journals as a portfolio.
    • Optimization of editorial structure (EIC, deputy editors, associate editors, reviewers), including compensation model for that structure.
    • Periodic evaluation of journal metrics and editorial approach.
    • Setting up and maintaining formalized collaboration between EICs of journals.
    • Distinguishing journal staff duties vs. editorial team duties.
    • Optimization (for internal use as well as for authors) of journal operations:      submission website, database, peer review system, decision definitions, article format.
    • Harmonizing and streamlining publication of AAPM reports (TG, MPPG, etc.)
    • Defining scope of journals to cover relevant areas, taking potential overlap into consideration.
    • Recommending new journals based on topical gaps; setting performance expectations to measure success of new journals.
    • Working with the authors and publisher on promotion of journal articles.
    • Branding of journals.
    • Initiating and managing editorial transitions, disaster planning.
    • Evaluation of publication platforms.
    • Continuous monitoring of the publishing landscape to stay aware of current issues and practices.
  2. Financial:
    • Managing journals as a portfolio from a financial perspective.
    • Establishing a plan for journal portfolio revenue by working with the AAPM Board/FINCOM to set the expectation for journals’ financial performance.
    • Evaluating/establishing member publishing benefits, e.g., member-specific APCs.
    • Evaluating publication platforms from a financial perspective.
    • Providing input in contract negotiations with the publisher.
    • Continuous monitoring of the publishing landscape to keep up to date on financial issues.
    • Establishing and continually tuning OA APCs with recognition for AAPM journals’ mission and place in the publishing landscape.
    • Developing strategies for non-APC revenue from the journals.
    • Developing appropriate expectations for new journal financial performance.
By-Laws:Not Referenced.Rules: Not Referenced.
Standing?This is not a standing committee.
Approved Date(s):1/1/2024
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