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Nominating Committee
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Bylaws:Article III, Section 10Rules: 3.5
Approved Date(s)Start: n/a
Committee Keywords: NOM

John Bayouth
Committee Chair

Members - 2014 Roster

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There are 5 members and guests.
John E. Bayouth, PhD

1/1/2014  Committee Chair - President
Benedick A. Fraass, PhD

1/1/2014  Member -
Maryellen L. Giger, PhD

1/1/2014  Member -
Robert J. Pizzutiello Jr., FACR, MS

1/1/2014  Consultant - (nonvoting)
Barry W. Wessels, PhD

1/1/2014  Consultant - (nonvoting)

Staff Assigned to Committee - 2014 Roster

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There are 1 staff.
Schober, Lisa 

11/3/2005  AAPM Staff - Senior Executive Assistant (ex officio, nonvoting)