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Work Group on the Prevention of Errors Workshop
Seattle, WA

June 4 - 6, 2012

Description: The AAPM Work Group on Prevention of Errors is developing a Safety Profile Self-Assessment tool. This tool will be a self-administered online question-and-answer mechanism to judge the safety status of radiation oncology clinics. It is intended as a resource to guide clinics in improving safety and to benchmark their performance over time. It may also potentially be used in a voluntary capacity to benchmark clinics against a community norm.

A second project of the work group is the development of online learning modules for safety-education intended to train physicists and others in the techniques of safety improvement. For those involved, this will take place on the third day of the workshop.

Purpose of the Workshop: Complete the development of the Safety Profile Self-Assessment Tool. Further develop the safety education modules. The Workshop will provide the opportunity for input from other professional organizations as the final details are added to the tool and the educational modules.

Format: The meeting will be organized in a structured Workshop format, with progress reports, breakout sessions and full group discussions. Preparation will be done in advance of the Workshop to ensure a productive discussion that remains on-target. A report on the Workshop will be submitted to the Medical Physics Newsletter

Conference Venue:
UW Medicine
South Lake Union Campus
University of Washington
815 Mercer St.
Seattle, WA 98109-4714
Phone: (206) 897-1327

Room: 1st Floor: C123A

Monday, June 4 (AAPM members and external participants as available)

1:00pm - 2:00pm Session 1
Safety Profile Assessment Tool: Progress Reports and Updates
Note that the tool is currently configured as three sections:
Change Management, Institutional Culture and Safety Barriers. 

  • Introduction (Dunscombe)
  • Change Management (Sutlief/Brown)
  • Institutional Culture (Greener /Ford)
  • Safety Barriers (O’Neill/Yorke)
2:00pm - 3:00pm Session 2
Format of the Answer Metrics
Group discussion of the most effective and reliable format for answers.
3:00pm - 4:00pm Session 3
IT Considerations (Woodward)
4:00pm - 6:00pm Session 4
Breakout sessions
Groups dealing with each of the three components of the tool will each meet separately to refine their section. The groups will be lead by the pairs of individuals named above and include representatives of the invited participating organizations. Particular attention will be paid to ensuring that the answer metrics are appropriate to each question. In addition it is planned to provide easily accessible supplementary information for each question, e.g ACR accreditation staffing recommendations for appropriate questions. Making sure this supplementary information is appropriate and clear is essential and will be considered during these breakout sessions.

Note (practice survey): Each group gives a draft copy of their questions to the person responsible for coding this up as a web survey in preparation for the test at noon. (Note: we can use the University of Washington web-catalyst service to do this, and it should take less than an hour to make an online survey).

6:00pm Dinner

Tuesday, June 5 (All participants)

8:00am - 10:00am Session 5
Continuation of breakout sessions.
10:00am - 11:00am Session 6
Presentation of Draft Tool
Each of the three groups presents a draft of their component of the tool for group discussion.
11:00am - Noon Session 7
Practice Test
Each participant takes the draft test using an online survey. Statistical analysis of these results can show questions which are outliers and in possible need of revision.
Noon - 2:00pm Working Lunch
Session 8
Structured Feedback Validation
Groups are formed to comb through each section question-by-question to give feedback on the clarity and validity of each question. Groups will be formulated so as to have a different set of participants from the group that developed the questions.
2:00pm - 4:00pm Session 9
Final Deliberations and Wrap-up
END: Safety Profile Self-Assessment project                BEGIN: Education modules project
4:00pm - 6:00pm Session 10
Education Modules Project
6:00pm Dinner

Wednesday, June 6 (Education module participants)

8:00am - Noon Session 11
Education Modules
Noon Workshop ends
Expected AAPM-sponsored participants:
Other participants:
Derek Brown Grace Kim Note: non-AAPM participants are requested to attend Day 2 (Tuesday) and, if possible, Day 1 (Monday). Participation in the education modules sessions would be valued but is optional.
Brenda Clark Mick O’Neill
Peter Dunscombe Steven Sutlief ASTRO: Suzanne Evans
Eric Ford Michael Woodward (AAPM IT) ASRT: Sandra Hayden, Natasha Rosier
Anne Greener Ellen Yorke AAMD:  Brenda Wray
Jennifer Johnson    

Travel support: For AAPM-sponsored participants, airfare will be reimbursed, as will transportation and up to three nights stay at the Workshop hotel. Please pay all your expenses and then submit receipts to AAPM for reimbursement.
Travel Expense Form
Travel Reimbursement Policy

The budget will not support travel expenses for outside participants.

Lunches and dinners will be provided for all participants.

Travel Arrangements:
Plan to fly into Seattle-Tacoma International (SEA)

Conference Hotel:
Marriott Courtyard Seattle Downtown/Lake Union
925 Westlake Ave N., Seattle, WA 98109
Phone: 800-321-2211

To reserve a room call (800) 228-9290 and ask for the AAPM – Dept of Radiation Oncology, UW Medicine, June 3-6, 2012.  Or click on this link: Courtyard Seattle Downtown/Lake Union

Standard King room - $149 plus tax per night

Please make your reservations before the cutoff date of May 14, 2012 to receive the group rate.