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AAPM FOREM on Imaging Genomics
Houston, TX

September 30 - October 1, 2014


Maryellen Giger, University of Chicago Sandy Napel, Stanford University
John Hazle, MD Anderson Paul Kinahan, University of Washington

Meeting Agenda
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Meeting Purpose

This meeting is by invitation only.

Medical imaging is moving from qualitative visualization/perception to one on quantitative measurements with advances in quantitative imaging and image analysis/computer-aided diagnosis. In biology, many 'omics' are being studied in order to acquire comprehensive knowledge of phenotypes, genetics, and associated pathways, and thus an understanding of the risk and cure of disease. The extraction of characteristics (features) from medical images can be considered as image-based phenotypes, referred to as 'image-omics' or 'radiomics'. How well the various image-based phenotypes are extracted from medical images will depend on both the quality of the image acquisition and the quality of the feature extraction, which can be performed by either human or computer analysis. The AAPM, as a community of medical physicists, can contribute expertise to the setting of standards, to harmonization across imaging protocols/acquisitions, to the assessment of image quality, to methods of quantitative image analysis/CAD, to computational modeling methods, to assessing disease (cancer) risk and response, to metrics and methods of validation, etc. In addition, we can add to the understanding of big data through discussions on the purpose of idealized/phantom datasets vs. those from large sets of standard-of-care clinical images. Outcome from this AAPM FOREM on Imaging and Genomics is expected to include a “white paper” on potential AAPM strategic plans as this field evolves.


Hilton Houston Plaza/Medical Center
6633 Travis Street
Houston, TX 77030

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