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AAPM Ad Hoc on External Communications Charge

AAPM has many communications needs. This Ad Hoc will focus on external communications, where the target audiences are outside AAPM, focusing on material that falls under the general categories of news or positions. This ad hoc should recommend to the Board which audiences are most important to reach, on what types of topics, and by what means. The adhoc should also consider how the effectiveness of such communications might be judged.

  1. For external communications on topical issues needing rapid response, who are the targets, how can they best be reached, and how can our messages be created in the appropriate time frame?
  2. For position statements that are crafted deliberately, who are the targets, how can they best be reached, and how should the position statements be created and vetted?
  3. Should activities such as testimony before agencies or committees be publicized, and if so, who are the targets and how can they best be reached?

Outside the scope of this ad hoc are:

  1. Communication between members, e.g. to share good ideas and comparative data
  2. General review of the AAPM website and web presence
  3. General review of how we communicate to our members.
  4. Efforts to inform students about medical physics.
  5. General question of how to communicate with and coordinate with other organizations/societies.