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Ad Hoc Committee on Corporate Relations

AAPM relies heavily on the revenue streams from corporate sponsors, especially the exhibits program and journal advertising. These programs have grown in scope and number in a very piece-meal fashion with little attention given to organization, efficiencies and how the corporate sponsors would prefer to do business with AAPM. The Ad Hoc Committee is tasked with engaging outside expertise to assist AAPM in an overall strategic review of how AAPM interacts with corporate sponsors and propose a revised Corporate Sponsorship Program.

Items for consideration include, but are not limited to:

  1. Would the introduction of a “Corporate Sponsorship” program that covers a broad area of benefits create efficiencies and drive larger commitments?
  2. There are financial implications based on the financial model for corporate sponsorship. For example, sponsorship revenue may not be taxable income to AAPM, while advertising revenue is taxable. What is the best model for AAPM? Would a change to the program that could bring tax advantages to AAPM have tax implications for the corporate sponsors?
  3. Is AAPM’s message reaching the appropriate target audience? What other services from the AAPM would be valuable to corporate members?
  4. How can AAPM best engage corporate sponsors? Would the creation of a committee within the AAPM structure add value?
  5. AAPM and corporate sponsors are influential to the success of the other. Is this message understood by both members and corporate sponsors?
  6. AAPM’s 21 Regional Chapters also rely on corporate sponsorship and this needs to be considered when crafting a revised program for AAPM.