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Science Council Associates Mentorship Program


The AAPM Science Council Associates Mentorship Program recognizes and cultivates outstanding researchers at an early stage in their careers, with the goal of promoting a long-term commitment to science within AAPM. The program uses the process of ‘shadowing’ to integrate the Associates into the scientific activities of the organization. The program will include eight Associates, each assigned to shadow one member from the AAPM Science Council, Research Committee, Therapy Physics Committee, Imaging Physics Committee, or Technology Assessment Committee. The Associate participates in selected meetings of the Mentor’s Committee and joins and contributes to one Task Group (chosen with input from the mentor). The Associate would shadow AAPM-related activities of the mentor, including committee phone calls, abstract review, Young Investigator judging, committee activities at the Annual Meeting, etc.

SC Associates participate in the program for one year, and are funded to attend two consecutive AAPM Annual Meetings, including the pre-meeting activities associated with each Committee.