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Committee Tree

AAPM Task Group on Small Fields and Non-Equilibrium Condition Photon Beam Dosimetry

  1. Collaborate with the new working group (WG on Dosimetry Calibration Protocol for Beams that are Not Compliant with TG-51) on developing a new Code of Practice for the absolute dosimetry of small radiation fields to ensure that there is no overlap between the two groups, but rather are complimentary to each other.
  2. Irrespective of the origin and treatment modality, review and summarize literature on small field photon beam dosimetry.
  3. Provide overview of the issue of CPE and characterization of small fields in homogeneous and inhomogeneous media.
  4. Provide information on the spectrum and shift in beam energy from rand S/ ren/mreference fields for radiation parameters such as Monte Carlo and published data.
  5. Review available information on the correction, perturbation factors and signal to noise ratio in the detectors used for small fields.
  6. Provide guidelines in measurement methods used for modeling the treatment planning systems for small fields.
  7. Review suitability of algorithms for beam modeling based on measurement in small fields especially in inhomogeneous medium.
  8. Provide uncertainty and error analysis in the measurements.
  9. Provide guidelines and recommendations for accurate dosimetry in small fields.