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Working Group on Radiation Oncology - Incident Learning System

ASTRO and AAPM have jointly created a national incident learning system for Radiation Oncology (RO-ILS) by contracting with an accredited Patient Safety Organization (PSO). This working group is tasked with:

  1. Providing AAPM representatives to the joint collaborative group from AAPM and ASTRO that monitors RO-ILS and provides guidance to it.

  2. Monitoring the level of participation in the national system and the reports from the system back to the community.

  3. Assisting the RO-ILS effort by developing and implementing promotional and training tools, including presentations at meetings, slide sets for presenters, and newsletter articles.

  4. Assessing the utility of the national system, both perceived and if possible quantified, and recommending improvements and opportunities for practical and scientific exploitation of RO-ILS event data.

  5. Working with ASTRO to select AAPM representatives on the event review group: the Radiation Oncology Health Advisory Council (RO-HAC).

  6. Making reports and recommendations to the AAPM Science Council about AAPM's participation in the program, including annual budget requests.

  7. Assisting the Executive Director in reviewing the Memorandum of Understanding with ASTRO regarding RO-ILS.