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Committee Tree

Working Group for the Veterinary Radiation Therapy Oncology Group

Charge and Function:

Official Charge(s):

  1. To survey existing VRTOG members to assess and determine resources and needs.
  2. To evaluate and provide guidance on the physics support needed by the VRTOG such as:
    1. Defining and improving appropriate Quality Assurance processes, much like the NRG and IROC, to support clinical trials in veterinary patients including:
      1. Need to establish a calibration verification process like IROC-Houston’s OSLD/TLD output verification program for veterinary linear accelerators and 60Co units participating in clinical trials.
      2. Define situations where appropriate end-to-end QA phantoms may be valuable to demonstrate capability to participate in clinical trials (again similar to IROC Houston’s phantoms).
      3. Develop other auditing/credentialing processes of clinics participating in VRTOG clinical trials.
    2. To act as a liaison between the VRTOG, AAPM and other organizations to provide medical physics resources and expertise.
    3. To assist in preparation of grant applications to support Veterinary clinical trials by the VRTOG