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2016 Award Winners

The John R. Cameron Young Investigators Symposium a competition for new investigators within a special symposium in honor of Dr. John Cameron.

Congratulations go to:
1st place: James Scheuermann, Stony Brook University for his abstract entitled: “Low Dose Imaging with Avalanche Amorphous Selenium Flat Panel Imager

2nd place: Brandon J. Walker, University of Wisconsin Madison for his abstract entitled: “A Modular Multi-Source X-Ray Tube for Novel Computed Tomography Applications

3rd place: Matthew Scarpelli, University of Wisconsin-Madison for his abstract entitled: “Dynamic FLT PET for Investigating Potential Synergistic Therapeutic Targets During Anti-Angiogenic Treatment

Award for Excellence in Educational Innovation
The Education Council of the AAPM sponsors a session during the Annual Meeting to honor and publicize Innovation in Medical Physics Education. The abstracts can be scientific research, novel teaching strategies – team teaching or adult learning efforts, novel educational materials – lectures, websites, or other innovations. The Award for Innovation in Medical Physics Education is made possible by a generous bequest of Harold Marcus.

Congratulations goes to:
Marco Carlone of Princess Margaret Hospital for his presentation entitled: “SIMAC: A Simulation Tool for Teaching Linear Accelerator Physics