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Working Group on Radiation Oncology - Incident Learning System

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ASTRO and AAPM have jointly created a national incident learning system for Radiation Oncology (RO-ILS) by contracting with an accredited Patient Safety Organization (PSO). RO-ILS has an oversight group consisting of ASTRO and AAPM members; this working group comprises AAPM’s membership in that oversight group. This working group is tasked with:

  1. Monitoring the level of participation in the national system
  2. Monitoring the reports from the system back to the community
  3. Developing and implementing promotional and training tools, including presentations at meetings, slide sets for presenters, and newsletter articles
  4. Assessing the utility of the national system, both perceived and if possible quantified, and recommending improvements
  5. Working with ASTRO to determine the long range funding mechanism for the system
  6. Making reports and recommendations to the AAPM Science Council about AAPM's participation in the program
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Approved Date(s)Start: 9/4/2013
End: 1/1/1900
Committee Keywords: WROILS
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Working Group on Radiation Oncology - Incident Learning System  [Status]
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Gary Ezzell
Workgroup Chair

2016 Roster

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There are 11 members and guests.
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VOTING Appointments
Frank A. Ascoli, MS

11/5/2015  Member
Gary A. Ezzell, PhD

1/1/2015  Workgroup Chair
Colleen J. Fox, PhD

11/5/2015  Member
no coi on file
Kathleen M. Hintenlang, PhD

9/29/2014  Liaison - Professional Council
Ajay Kapur, PhD

11/5/2015  Member
Grace Gwe-Ya . Kim, PhD

11/5/2015  Member
no coi on file
Dimitris N. Mihailidis, PhD

11/5/2015  Member
no coi on file
Brett M. Miller, MS

11/5/2015  Member
no coi on file
Jean M. Moran, PhD

11/5/2015  Work Group Vice Chair
Surendra N. Rustgi, PhD

11/5/2015  Member
Deborah L. Schofield

11/5/2015  Member

STAFF Appointed to Committee

There are 2 staff.
Keyser, Angela R. 

1/1/2013  AAPM Staff - Executive Director - (ex officio, nonvoting)
Martin, Richard 

1/1/2015  AAPM Staff - Government Relations Specialist - (ex officio, nonvoting)