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History and Heritage

AAPM Distinguished Member Biography

The Distinguished Members, as designated by the Honors and Awards Committee and listed below, are invited to submit their biographies to be included in the AAPM archives and published in the History and Heritage section of the web site.
Distinguished Members are the:

William D. Coolidge Award Recipients
Marvin M.D. Williams Professional Achievement Award
Edith H. Quimby Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

Follow the links to view the current list of members in each category.

To Submit a Biography:

  1. Download the template from here.
  2. Fill in the information as a WORD document.
  3. Send the completed biography along with a photo (.jpg preferred, but not necessary) as an e-mail attachment to history@aapm.org

Suggestions for Producing an Effective Biography:

Some Examples of Well Written Biographies:

For additional information or assistance please contact history@aapm.org