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Interested in becoming a Corporate Affiliate?

Corporate Affiliate Information

Fees Reduced Fees for: Membership Mailing Lists
$2500 Two Complimentary Mailing Lists
Additional lists - $0.20 per label, no minimum orders

Corporate Affiliate Advertising Opportunities

Corporate Affiliate FlyerCorporate Affiliation Benefits

AAPM By-Laws (relating to Corporate Affiliates)

ARTICLE IV.  MEMBERSHIP, FELLOWSHIP AND AFFILIATION (amended November 1, 2006 and October 29, 2009)

Section 14. Corporate Affiliation
Corporate Affiliation shall be available to corporations or institutions to promote the activities of the Association. Applications for Corporate Affiliation shall be in a form authorized by the Board and shall state why such affiliation is desired. An affirmative vote of three-fourths or more of the Board is required for acceptance.

Application Approval Process


Contact Jennifer Hudson, AAPM Membership Services Coordinator.